James Cordon bids emotion farewell to ‘The Late Late Show’ after 8 years

James Corden’s tenure as host of “The Late Late Show” has come to an end after eight years and numerous Emmy awards.

The show, which featured well-liked segments including “Carpool Karaoke,” was hosted by the English actor and presenter, who announced his departure last April.

He later admitted that the decision was motivated by his desire to spend more time with his family.

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The 44-year-old comedian broke down on Thursday night as he was about to leave the chair that had made him famous.

Harry Styles, Adele, Will Ferrell, and a surprise video message from President Joe Biden were among the A-list guests at the prime-time event. Corden’s parents were also present.

The father of three talked about his experience as the show’s host in his emotional farewell speech.

“We started this show with Obama, then Trump, then a global pandemic,” he said.

“I’ve watched America change a lot. Over these past few years, I’ve watched divisions grow and I’ve seen and I’ve felt a sense of negativity bubble and at points boil over,” he added.

A video montage of Corden’s best appearances on the show aired as he concluded his final performance with a piano ballad.

“Part of me thinks why not stay here forever, but deep in my heart I just know,” he sang. “No more shows to be showing, it’s time I was going. It’s time. Thanks for watching, that’s our show.”

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