James Brown lashes out over criticism of leaked s3x video

Crossdresser James Obialor, also known as James Brown, has reacted angrily to those who have criticised him for his leaked sex tape.

James Brown

On Monday night, the video was first shared on Snapchat, and it has since gained enormous online popularity.

The video gained popularity when James Brown, who occasionally dresses as a woman, revealed that he had a girlfriend.

The “princess of Africa,” as he referred to himself, was seen in the video having sex with an unidentified female partner.

James Brown faced backlash after the release of the video, which many thought was done by the 23-year-old to boost his popularity.

James responded to the criticism by denying being gay and asserting that he was in a wonderful relationship with a woman in a video that was posted to Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday, October 11.

James added that despite being in a relationship with the woman for two years, he was labelled as a gay man by society due to his effeminate nature.

The Instagram influencer further claimed that he lied about having HIV when he was detained in 2018 because he did not want to serve time in jail.
“Addressing critics of the video, James said: “Yes I’m the one in the video, yes it happened. But what should I do? What can I do? I see people coming for me telling me ‘James Brown you did an unprotected sex.’ B*tch it’s my relationship.

“We’ve been dating for two years. She knows about my status, she knows everything about me health wise. I am healthy. So you have no right and as you can see I didn’t even cum inside I had to cum on her body because I am not planning for unwanted pregnancy. But you guys as the coming for me, I am not the first person that his sex tape leaked. You all are just hypocrites, mind your f*cking business.”

Speaking further, James said he was sad and devastated over the leaked video.

He said: “I feel so sad, and devastated, like why did this happen to me. I don’t know who leaked it. I know people hate me. People are jealous of who I have become. I don’t know who leaked but whoever did God will judge you. Heaven bear me witness.”

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