JAGUN JAGUN Movie: A good movie that lacks suspense

Gbotija The newly released Nollywood Netflix movie “JAGUN JAGUN” was produced by Femi Adebayo movie, the movie wasn’t done to impress but express. A movie about the rich culture of the Yoruba people and their Warlords.

Let me take you through important things to note about the movie.

The movie showed that even though the Yoruba people had official Generals and Generalissimo in the ancient Yoruba kingdom, we must not forget the Marauders, that’s the like of Ogundiji.

How about the atrocities committed by these marauders, they became deadly swords for the innocents and they are tools for evil leaders who hire them as mercenaries. The cinematography and  how they promote Ewa ede Yoruba

The use of Agemo in war represents how the forefathers call on ancestors when things were about to go out of hand. Many Egúngún like the likes of OLOOLU of Ibadan and many others are snatched and brought from the battleground.

They paid attention to details. The way they showed the burnt guy, the way blood keeps splashing out of highly perfused areas. The costume, the houses, and their style of dressing. And I can conclude that the movie truly represents what it is trying to portray.

What a plot twist, who could have thought “Iroyinogunkiitan” is the Agemo? Absolutely nobody and I can boldly say that’s the only plot twist in the movie. Many of us know what could happen next in the movie but were not expecting that Agemo twist.

7 Lessons from Jagun Jagun the movie

-Let young people grow and blossom, don’t be jealous of them

-You’re not always going to be the center of attraction

-Listen to your wife

-Always look out for yourself

-Don’t underestimate people

– Don’t bully because you’re more powerful

-Learnt that ego brings about destruction

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