“It’s time to answer the call of God Almighty” – Yul Edochie unveils his ministry

Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Yul Edochie has finally accepted the call of God.

Taking to his Instagram page, the failed presidential aspirant who, just a few hours ago, hinted at a significant revelation revealed that he has finally answered the call of God.

He launched a Christian program on YouTube, ‘The Salvation Ministry’, where he will be preaching the gospel every Sunday.

Sharing a flyer  of the ministry, he wrote,

“It’s time to answer the call of God Almighty.
It’s time to do His work fully.
To spread the true message of God.
Tune in, and he transformed”.

See how Netizens reacted below;

One Anies Sweet Chaw Kitchen wrote:So like this now, Judith will become MUMMY GO…what a time to be alive on IG_

One Comedian Albino wrote: “Congratulations Pastor Isi mmili global. More ministries to come”

One I am Jennyyyyyy wrote: “It is finished”

One Spiceberry Healthytreat wrote:thank Godfor you”

One Vera Classic Hairs wrote:Tune in and be ashamed and not transformed 18 May really held you so well that the chain was So strong, what’s this”

One Amara Shuga wrote: “I been dey support Yul since oh but now, I’m starting to see sey this man is not okay. From president, supporting Tinubu to a man of God. Meh, common give us your fans a break”

One Lawrence Tamia wrote: “Last last you be preacher. Amen”

One Antoinette Hensani wrote: “I repeat, there are some people when they leave you, their ANOINTING OF Success goes with them, story of Queen May”

One The Arrel Gurl wrote: So Asiwaju don leave you for road how you remember His called you through Judy”

One Veli Corleone wrote: “At this point, he’s just catching cruise to get views for monetary gains”.

One Mr Tee Albino wrote: “Welcome to the field Isi Mmili Globalyy, mine is Radical Intervention Ministry.. I will meet you at this year’s Pastor’s Conference”

One I Am Slim Brown wrote: “Congratulations as you begin your journey in ministry.”

One Prizzygat wrote: “Who go be mummy G.0?”

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