It is not fair, give your favorite some privacy – Mary Njoku tells airport cleaners

Film producer, Mary Njoku has passed a timely advice to airport cleaners. She advised them to give their favorites some privacy. Read also: Our Nollywood legends deserve better – Peter Okoye pledges to support Mr Ibu as he battles ailment

Mary Njoku
Mary Njoku

Taking to Instagram, Njoku berated airport staff who stand in front of bathroom doors and ask their favorites if they need anything.

She noted that this act isn’t fair and that using the bathroom is a personal task. Read also: Actress Hadiza Gabon drags man to court for defamation of character

She advised the airport cleaners to give people privacy and that it make tips elude them.

She wrote,

“Dear Cleaners at the airport, y’all are doing a great job.

But please, give your Favs some privacy to use the bathroom! Standing in front of the door, and asking if they need help is not fair!

It is a PERSONAL Task!

Someone cannot even fart in peace.

And please! Leave the tissues in the toilet. Handing someone Fe sheets and asking if it will be enough is ridiculous!

Give people Privacy! And any tip that is meant for you will not pass you by in Jesus name”.

Read screenshot below,

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