“It Is Always The Darkest Before The Dawn.” – Korra Obidi Reflects On Dark Times

Nigerian dancer and entertainer, Korra Obidi has reflected on the dark times in her life.

The embattled mother of two stated that she has undergone some of the most traumatic times in her life. She also said she lost a handful of friends and went through a messy divorce.

Sharing a motivational message with her fans ahead of her 28th birthday, she said they are way stronger than they give themselves credit for.

She wrote,  “In the past few months, I have undergone some of the most traumatic times in my life.

“Gave birth in my bedroom (which I adored). Lost a handful of friends, went through a divorce.

“My birthday is in 18 days and I just want to drop the you are way stronger than you give yourself credit for. It’s always darkest before the dawn”.

Recall that Kora and her ex-husband, Dr Justin Dean shocked their fans after Justin announced that he was getting a divorce which many thoughts was a prank.

According to him, his reason for such action was the way Korra had been treating him in their marriage. He said she was a narcissist, a cheat, and he was treated like a prisoner in his own home.

On her part, Kora admitted she cheated on her ex-husband while she was in Nigeria in a one-time affair before she moved to America to be with him.

The couple who got married in 2017, split after four years of marriage and two kids.

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