Israel DMW’ Saga: Role of Your Mother-in-law in Shaping Your Marriage

Israel DMW and Sheila are the definition of leaving no stone unturned after a messy breakup. Their failed marriage has been making the news over incessant clap backs. Probably their marriage was influenced by interference from Sheila’s mother. Read also: Highlights of Israel DMW and Sheila’s marriage

Israel DMW and Sheila Courage
Israel DMW and Sheila Courage

The latest outburst from Israel is the accusation against Sheila’s mother who he claimed is one of the reasons he and Sheila broke up.

If we exchange blows because of a fallout should it extend to our parents? When the news of their failed marriage started trending, Sheila had alleged that Israel used to abuse her mother verbally which was one of the reasons she left him.

Israel in a post on his Instagram page advised men to investigate their supposed mother-in-law before getting married.

He went further to troll Sheila’s mother over her serial marriages. Hmmm! This is absurd. Read also: Israel DMW praises Davido as the ‘safest record label owner’ at Mohbad’s candlelight procession (video)

“Investigate properly ur supposed mother @inlaw before going deeply. Especially the ones who left 2 marriages to take over another woman’s home with 4 children. I don talk my own ooh”, he wrote.

However does a bride’s mother play a role in shaping her marriage or was this notion concepted by Israel to get back at her family because she refused to keep enduring in the marriage.

This is not the first time Israel DMW will publicly shade Sheila’s mother over her multiple marriages.

Sheila Courage is currently working in her mother’s shoes as far as societal standards is concerned.

Israel feels because his enstranged wife being from a broken home is the reason she also can’t keep her marriage.

Well I think it is a wrong notion. As much as we are influenced by our parents, any reasonable person would not want to stay in an abusive/toxic marriage because of people’s opinion.

Ordinarily as a man your mother-in-law has no role in shaping your marriage. It is the effort both of you put into your marriage that determines it’s success.

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