Is Yetunde Bakare Right In Saying Muslims Are More United Than Christians?

Yetunde Bakare
Yetunde Bakare/SR
  • Bakare revealed she was born into one of both religions before converting into the other.

Nigerian actor Yetunde Bakare shared her opinion about two of Nigeria’s most dominant religions, Islam and Christianity.

The thespian took to her Instagram story to say that there is more unity in Islam than Christianity. She also shared her opinion on how Christians and Muslims interact with people they disagree with or dislike.

In her opinion, a Muslim is straight forward when they dislike someone and they make it blunt, while Christians tend to smile at people they dislike or have diverse opinions with, but hide the hatred deep inside.


Yetunde Bakare said:

“I’ve tried both…I was born into one but got converted into the other one. There’s more unity in Islam than Christianity. If a Muslim doesn’t F with you, you”ll know it in capital letters but a Christian will detest you and be smiling you at the same time! my opinion. Love and light to all Religions.There is more unity in Islam than Christainity.’’

Yetunde Bakare is known to be vocal about a lot of topics on social media and never shies away from giving her opinions on issues.

However, her opinion about the characteristics of Christians and Muslims is wrong. You cannot use one or two instances to generalize about a particular group. She would have been right if she limited her assertion to a few Christians and Muslims, but generalizing the topic is out of place.

Different individuals have different attitudes and approaches towards life and different situations. There are Christians who are blunt, and there are Christians who are private about how they feel, likewise Muslims. She might have been unlucky to have witnessed a similar attitude from Christians, but she was wrong to say one religious group is more united than the other.

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