Is Leset the Next Big Celebrity Fashion Label?

Is Leset the Next Big Celebrity Fashion Label? Yes, we think so!

This label of simple but sophisticated basics had already found its way into the wardrobes of top celebrities.

Kylie Jenner, Kacey Musgraves and Selena Gomez — three of the most talked-about celebrities in the fashion space own these fashion  pieces.

That’s no small feat for a brand of any size, let alone one that had just opened up for business. But Leset had a few things working in its favor.

Its founder, Lili Chemla, already had some experience in the cozy-cute design space. She had founded the industry-beloved brand Liana in 2017.

Laura Love, Elsesser, and Giramata in Leset's lookbook.

Over the summer, Chemla quietly shifted gears, reimagining and refocusing the company into one comprising easy sets you could wear on the couch, in a meeting and beyond. It became Leset.

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