iPhone 13 No Longer Has a Noise-Canceling Feature, Apple Support Says

Several iPhone 13 owners complained last week about the lack of a noise canceling tool in the Accessibility settings.

The noise-cancelling feature is intended to be available on all iPhones, however it appears that it is no longer available on later models.

Apple Support stated on January 15 that the feature was not affected by a bug. Apple, on the other hand, eliminated it from iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13’s noise-cancelling feature is no longer available.

According to 9to5Mac, a reader tweeted about a conversation he had with Apple Support. The reader, whose name is Steve, stated that after months of working with Apple and a senior advisor, he was advised to wait for an update to resolve the issue.

Steve received an update, and it appears that the tech behemoth will not resolve the issue because noise canceling is now deactivated for iPhone 13 for no apparent reason.

Noise cancellation is no longer available on iPhone 13 devices, hence the option is no longer visible in Settings.

iPhone 13 No Longer Has a Noise-Canceling Feature, Apple Support Says |  Tech Times

9to5Mac contacted Apple Support to see if the function had been removed from the model, and the company responded that it will no longer be maintained and invited users to provide feedback at apple.com/Feedback.

For those who are unaware of the problem, a Reddit member questioned about the noise cancellation option on his iPhone 13 for phone conversations last year after seeing that it was not available on the Accessibility page.

According to Forbes, another user stated that the Apple forum discussed this in October.

I’m no longer working on the problem.

According to the Reddit user, the toggle to turn off the feature on his phone is no longer available. He inquired as to whether the feature had been deleted because his voice cuts out when he uses FaceTime and speaks through the speaker.

At the time, a professional published an article to assist customers who wanted to change the audio settings on their phone. The issue is that iPhone 13 owners are unable to locate the feature.

The noise cancellation feature lowers background noise on calls, particularly when the receiver is close to the ear.

Another user, dagocarlito, stated that Apple is aware of the problem. He claims that because of the problem, the iPhone 13 has never had this option with iOS 15. He stated that he spoke with Apple Support about it, and that it is already a known issue that they attempted to work on, but that no resolution was provided.

The customer also mentioned that the issue causes echoes, particularly when someone is chatting between the iPhone 13 and CarPlay.

Users of the smartphone had requested that Apple remedy this critical problem.

It has already been established that Apple does not intend to work on this issue because the tech giant does not believe that deleting the feature is a concern.

Apple did not explain why it decided to remove the feature or why it does not intend to reinstate it. As of now, users can activate the Voice Isolation function on their phone via the Control Center as an alternative to noise cancellation.

Since its release, the iPhone 13 has been plagued by a slew of problems. In 2021, the iPhone 13 suffered from frozen screens, and Apple issued a fix.