Mille Collines, born in Rwanda, inspired by Africa. Co-directed by two Spanish designers; Ines Cuatrecasas  and Marc Oliver in 2009.

The Mille Collines brand is about representing you as a woman who belongs to Africa. Who lives in a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city.  A woman who travels and always discovers, with an affinity for fine details, a woman who juggles work and family.

The Mille Colliens woman is a mother, an entrepreneur, an individual. She’s alive with bursts of print and colour and grounded in the muted tones of Africa’s landscape.

Like her, the designs have many layers. Traditional craftsmanship combines with unexpected materials – sunglasses are made from cow’s horn and wood – as African resourcefulness puts its stamp on fashion. It’s her saying, “This is me.”

Stumbled on this amazing collection on Facebook and I must say it such a delight. It looks well-tailored and structured, the layering and styling, with such amazing silhouettes.

The collection sets a warm and strong feminine tone with its nude and earth colours.  Loving the formation poses and the pop of colour bottom mix on the nude tops

Shoot Credits


Aubrey Jonsson

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