INTERVIEW: Style Is An Identity – Ultimate Love Stylist, Rhoda Ebun

The name Rhoda Ebun definitely rings a bell to every one who is conversant and aware of the Nigerian fashion world.

The stylist and fashion consultant is the brain behind a lot of glamorous looks from our favourite celebrities on the red carpet as well as our favourite show host on TV.

- Ultimate Love Stylist, Rhoda EbunThe CEO of Roses and Thorns Fashion Company is one of the most influential celebrity stylist from this side of the continent and everyone wants a piece of the Rhoda Touch.

The stylist spoke to us on the style moments show and Rhoda Ebun opened up on her thoughts on the fashion industry in Nigeria, the definition of style and the journey to building a reputable fashion brand in the country.

How did you get into fashion styling and consultancy?

Rhoda Ebun: “It started with a natural flare, passion for it and i went on to train and equip myself by going to fashion schools home and abroad. I interned with several fashion brands, learnt a lot while i was there and i moved on to start my own company. It was a process.”

How financially rewarding is being a stylist in Nigeria? Is it a career path people can consider?

Rhoda Ebun: “It is financially rewarding, a career path people can consider once they know their onions. Own your skills, put in the work and develop yourself”. Once you are identified for something it becomes rewarding.

Do You think Nigerians understand the importance of a stylist?

Rhoda Ebun: Just very few people understand the importance and role of a stylist. The role of a stylist is basterdized. People see stylists as people who borrow clothes for other people to wear. There are many needs for a stylist but most people see it as a means of spending money they don’t want to spend. Even some designers don’t understand the need for a stylist. 

What are the skills people need to become a stylist?

Rhoda Ebun: I learnt how to make clothes to understand pattern making and help me understand better when i am working with a designer, You need to undergo training, You need to understand proportions, body type. Buy books, Research online and keep educating yourself. 

Do You think Nigerians are Trend hopers or Personal style?

Rhoda Ebun: “Nigerians are fashionable people, not stylish. Your Aso ebi is never boring. Style is not loud, competitive. Style is an identity, it is what sets you apart from others in a room. When you rock a trend you infuse your style. You don’t jump on every trend and you understand what works for your body.”

Who do you consider your best dressed male/ female celebrity?

Rhoda Ebun: “Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is a style king we love to see what he is wearing, Denola Grey always brings it,you can always see is personal style on, never afraid to experiment or try something new. Taymesan has been killing it style wise. Ini Dima-Okojie is always effortless, she understands her body and what works for her. She blends avante Garde and modern fashion.”

Who is the one celebrity you’d love to dress?

Rhoda Ebun: I would really love to dress her, Halle Berry, Idris Elba and David Oyelowo

Who is the BBNaija housemate you would love to style?

Rhoda Ebun: I would love to style Erica. She has a very great body to translate Runway looks to real life. Dorathy. Ozo is someone who would wear outfits really well. Eric has a really good body for clothes.

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