Interview: “Keeping my love life private brings peace” Ik Ogbonna

Years after his marriage crashed, Nollywood actor, Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna better known as IK Ogbonna has shed light on his love life.

In an interview with Punch Sunday Scoop Ogbonna outlined his approach to handling speculations regarding himself, his relationship status, and shared his thoughts on celebrating the New Year.

Emphasizing the significance of love, Ogbonna expressed his openness to it. Nevertheless, he promptly mentioned his reluctance to share that aspect of his life with the public.

“I am always open to love. Without love, we cannot live as human beings, but I do not like to discuss my private life because I feel there should be a part of everyone’s life that should not be made public. You can’t give all of yourself to the public. When it comes to one’s love life, there is more peace when one keeps it to oneself. My relationship status is left for those people close to me to know.”

Having dealt with considerable criticism on social media, IK Ogbonna disclosed that he pays little attention to people’s opinions about him. He emphasized that he focuses on the things that bring him peace.

“I do not care about the opinions of people that do not even know me. I face things that give me peace, such as my family, friends and career.”

The movie star also shared that he doesn’t partake in New Year celebrations or make resolutions. In his view, his new year commences on his birthday.

Glamsquad recalls that IK Ogbonna and his ex-wife, Sonia Morales tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony in 2015. However, in 2019 they parted ways.

In September 2023, Sonia Morales found love again and is set to tie the knot a second time.

In a romantic video which made rounds on social media. , Sonia’s partner accompanied her to the location where a surprise proposal had been arranged.

An astonished Sonia entered a room adorned with red balloons, flowers, and a large sign that boldly exclaimed ‘Marry me.’

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