INTERVIEW: ‘It is important to pray after interpreting certain roles’ – Actor, Jude Orhorha

INTERVIEW: "It is important to pray after interpreting certain roles" - Actor, Jude Orhorha

The practice of actors praying after interpreting certain roles is rooted in the belief that it helps them mentally and emotionally detach from the character they’ve portrayed.

This act of prayer can serve as a form of cleansing, allowing actors to process and release the emotions and experiences associated with their performance.

It’s often seen as a way to maintain their own mental and spiritual well-being while navigating the intense and immersive world of acting.

Jude Orhorha, one of Nollywood’s renowned actors is of the belief that actors should pray after interpreting certain roles because of its implications in their lives

In an interview with Punch Saturday Beats monitored by Glamsquad Magazine, Jude Orhorh said

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“I have always trusted God since I was young. In our industry, we find ourselves playing characters that we are not supposed to play ordinarily without backing it up with prayers. If one finds oneself in a movie that requires some sacrifices and doing some fetish things, one has to pray against it, so that it doesn’t affect the person (in real life).”

When asked about his preference between stage and screen acting, Orhorha said,

“I enjoy stage acting more, because it is more challenging for me. Besides, it brings out the best in an actor. It affords an actor enough time to work on the character, and to express oneself better.”

Addressing the competition among actors in the industry,, he said

“It might be happening but I don’t think I have experienced it. I am a friendly person, and I play with everyone. Back then in the industry, when there were no phones, we visited one another but since the advent of social media, things have changed. I don’t think it is that bad. I choose who wants to be my friend, the same way others choose who becomes their friend”

Asked to mention his biggest achievements so far, the actor said,

“It is the gift of sleeping and waking up. As long as I am alive, in good health, and still in the industry, I don’t think there is any achievement that can be greater than that.”

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