Interview: “I inspire myself ” – Doyen of African Fashion Abah Folawiyo Speaks

Interview: "I inspire myself " - Doyen of African Fashion Abah Folawiyo Speaks

Doyen of African fashion Abah Folawiyo in a recent interview has revealed that she inspires herself in the fashion world. According to her, she looks into the mirror and compliments herself.

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Popularly referred to as Sisi Abah, Abah Folawiyo is one of Nigeria’s foremost fashion designers. She is the wife of the late Baba Adinni of Yoruba Land Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo, a businessman and philanthropist. She is also the mother of Segun Awolowo, a renowned legal practitioner and incumbent President of National Trade Promotion Organisation ECOWAS member state. Abah Folawiyo established herself as a fashion icon to cheer and her commitment to fashion is remarkable.

Interview: "I inspire myself " - Doyen of African Fashion Abah Folawiyo Speaks

In an exclusive interview with MediaRoomhub, Abah Folawiyo speaks on the sweet memories of her youth, and heritage and also advised women who do not have confidence in themselves and their bodies.

Speaking on her heritage, Abah Folawiyo revealed she was born in Ghana and grew up there before moving to Nigeria.

“My mother is from Ghana, Accra. I was born there and grew up there before I came to Nigeria. So, I am half Ghana and half Nigerian. I went to school there and I can speak all the Ghanaian languages up till today.” she revealed.

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Abah Folawiyo went further to speak on the sweet memories of her youth and how she enjoys partying in London. According to her, dancing is one of the things that makes her happy and she enjoys dancing a lot.

“We were partying and clubbing. I love clubbing a lot. When I got to London, as soon as I dropped my suitcase, I was always looking for a club to go to at night to go and dance. I love dancing a whole lot and that’s one of the things that makes me happy and I love shopping too.”

When asked who inspires her in the fashion world, Abah Folawiyo reveals she inspires herself.

“I inspire myself. I look at myself in the mirror and say ‘wow, Abah you look beautiful.”

Advising women who do not have self-confidence in what they wear, Abah Folawiyo revealed they have to go and learn maybe from the designers. According to her, most women make the mistake of not knowing what suits them.

“They have to go and learn, maybe from the designers. Most women wear the wrong clothes on their bodies. You have to know what suits you, what you wear that people will admire. Most women make that mistake and that’s why they don’t have that confidence in themselves.”

Abah Folawiyo created a fashion revolution that embraced the beauty of the local Ankara fabric and contributed to how popular the Ankara fabric is in the fashion industry these days. She has clothed top celebrities both in and outside the country. The fashion Doyen recently celebrated her 80th birthday in a grand style.

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