INTERVIEW: BBNaija Kess speaks on future plans, marriage a barrier to reality show and more…

Kess demonstrated that marriage wasn’t a barrier when he joined BBNaija season seven. In an interview with TheCable Lifestyle monitored by Glamsquad magazine, the entrepreneur discussed his on-air persona, the obstacles he overcame, his marriage, and his future plans.


Speaking about his personality in the BBNaija house, Kess said; BBNaija is for you to show who you are and I’m a very chilled guy, very laid back, quiet, very observant.

Whatever you saw on the show is who I am in real life.

When questioned about not putting his best foot forward towards tasks while in the BBN show, the entrepreneur stated that his first plan on getting to the TV show was to relax and chill. In his words, initially, I had the plan of just chilling for the first two weeks. Then when I decided to do more, it seemed like the HoH wasn’t coming through.

For other tasks, I think I tried. But for HoH, it was just hard luck.

When the interviewer asked Kess about his thoughts on married people; male and female alike, competing in the show due to the nature and precedent of the BBN and the view of fans towards married people, Kess said,

“Firstly, it was a dream for me and it was like a dream come true. I also don’t think married people shouldn’t be on the show. I feel it’s not fair. Marriage shouldn’t be a disadvantage. I’m a standard guy. I came to the show as married and I’m happy and proud of myself. My family is proud of me and that’s the most important thing to me at the moment.”

Speaking about his prior comment on exploring in the house if he was an unmarried dude, the evicted BBN housemate said he would have dished out content to fans owing to the fact that it a show and nothing more.

While advising married people who wish to come for the show, Kess said,

“I don’t think marriage should be a disadvantage. At least there’s been quite a number of married people on the show. For example, Mike was married and he still became the first runner-up.

So I don’t think it should be a disadvantage. If people like you, they like you, and if they don’t like you, they don’t like you. That’s what it is.”

The former BBN housemate giving a hint about his future outside the reality TV show, said,

“Before the show, I was a businessman. I’ll always be a businessman. I sell cars. I get them from the United States by auction, clean them up, and sell them. I own a table water factory.

So I’ll continuously be a businessman. I’m just looking forward to expanding my business. I’m looking forward to exploring other opportunities.

I’m looking forward to going into entertainment, especially the business side of movie-making.”


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