Instagram Stories: Like Feature Coming, DMs No Longer Requried for Reactions

Instagram Stories now has a new feature for users to enjoy: the ability to submit a like without notifying others or cluttering up the messages inbox. The goal is to send a “Private Like” without bothering a user with alerts because a person wants to submit a reaction to a certain story on Instagram that they agree with or like.

Instagram Stories: Send a Private Like and Don’t Clutter the DMs

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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day while also introducing a new feature on the network, IG Stories. Users can send a Private Like by clicking the “Heart Icon” found on the story’s buttons on the lower right of the page, next to the send a message, paper airplane icon, and “…” three-dot option.

Private Likes aims to enable users to give reactions that advocate supporting other users or influencers without clogging up their direct messaging inbox. The goal is to clean up users’ DMs and inboxes, as well as to reduce the number of notifications they receive in order to avoid bothering notices for trivial things like a reaction.

Instagram’s User Offers: Send In Discreet Notifications

Users are now asking if analytics for Instagram Stories’ Private Likes would be provided for content creators or influencers, primarily to gauge the performance of the postings. Now that it has user likes, they can track its success in public, particularly in relation to what the user has to give.

Furthermore, the discreet notifications will assist in giving people the choice to support without having to appear in the DMs.

Instagram’s new features give users more control

Instagram has a slew of huge deals in the works for users in the next months, with the goal of giving users greater power over social media, such as the new option of sending personal likes. One of these is the ability for users to personalize and adjust the grid to suit more of the user’s feed, which was previously unavailable due to the grid’s chronological order.

However, Instagram may be preparing to change the way people see stories, similar to TikTok’s vertical scrolling. Instagram Reels has already incorporated the vertical scrolling function, similar to TikTok’s feed, in the Following or For You pages, which takes users to different films with each scroll.

A swipe up, similar to feed scrolling on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, would be all that is required to skip.

The prominent social networking platform’s disappearing information via Stories has been generating notifications like wildfire, and it looks similar to feed likes or comments.

However, that is set to change as users will be able to send in personal likes that will only be seen via the viewer’s sheet, something that was previously available but was modified to provide users a notification and DM visibility.

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