Instagram iPad App? IG Boss Says Still Not a Priority | Here’s Why

The Instagram iPad app has yet to be released, but IG CEO Adam Mosseri says it is not a priority.

Instagram iPad App? IG Boss Says Still Not a Priority | Here’s Why

Instagram iPad App

According to 9to5Mac, the social media network, which began as a photo-sharing software, has been notorious for its absence of an official iPad app since its inception.

As a result, IG customers are installing its mobile phone app for tablets, while others prefer to use its web interface.

Mosseri, Instagram’s CEO, previously stated that developing an Instagram app for iPads would be “great.”

He did, however, mention that the specific software for the Apple iPad will not be released because the team behind the social networking platform has “a lot to do.”

Instagram iPad App? IG Boss Says Still Not a Priority | Here’s Why

Mosseri’s response has remained consistent from 2020 to 2021, stating that their hands are too full to even consider developing an iPad app for Instagram.

Basically, the IG boss’s earlier explanations simply serve to demonstrate that developing an iPad app is not high on their priority list.

Instagam App on iPad in 2022

Marques Brownlee, a tech video creator, tweeted what most iPad users may have been thinking as we enter another year, 2022.

On his official Twitter account, Brownlee stated that it is already 2022 and “there is still no functional Instagram app for iPad.”

The Instagram manager went on to respond to the prominent tech YouTuber’s remark, acknowledging that they “receive this one a lot.”

Mosseri went on to say that iPad users are “still not a large enough number of individuals.” As a result, the tech executive stated that it is still not a priority.

However, the IG CEO assured Apple iPad customers that a dedicated app would be available soon when he stated that he intended to “get to it at some point.”

For the time being, the IT executive is focused on other projects for Instagram, and the iPad app will have to wait.

Insta presently supports Android, iOS, and web, as well as a Lite version of the social networking platform, according to Mosseri. He mentioned that Android is the most populous of them all.

Furthermore, the IG CEO stated that TikTok, another social media network, and YouTube, a video-sharing site, are big.

According to analyst data, there are a lot of iPad users out there, according to 9to5Mac in the same study. The Apple tablet is expected to sell more than 51 million devices in 2021 alone, which is a sizable figure.

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