“I’m upset, I need to get some things off my chest…” – Ckay reveals

Singer, Ckay has made a shocking pleas to Nigerians, concerning current trending musical acts.

The singer of “Love Nwatintin” gave tribute to Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Davido for their contributions to Nigerian music.

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Ckay said he gets offended when he sees people on Twitter disparaging and making comparisons to these G.O.A.Ts, noting that they paved the road for those who came after them.

He added that each of them has taught the ones coming behind unquantifiable lessons in passion, grit and success in their careers.

CKay unlike many other Nigerians who are quick to support one musician to the detriment of another said it’s possible to hype an artiste without dragging the other down.

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He tweeted:

“Before my album drops I need to get some things off my chest…

When I see people disrespecting our G.O.A.Ts on this app or making silly comparisons, it actually upsets me.

Give your G.O.A.Ts their flowers while they’re still here! They paved the way!

Davido showed me that getting plaques with afrobeat songs is possible, Wizkid showed me that where you come from doesn’t limit how far you can go, and Burna Boy showed me that delay is not denial.

Back in my CC days, Dice Ailes and I created a sound that birthed a whole new wave of afrobeats. It’s so funny how today some people twist the narrative and say we copied a sound we created lol.

At the end of the day we’re all just playing our roles. One day we’ll all die and it won’t matter anymore. Afrobeats is one of the few things giving us joy in this country. Let’s just love and support our own. It’s possible to hype your fave without putting down another artist.”

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