“I’m Not Ashamed Getting Butt Lift” — Actress Zainab Bakare Breaks Silence

Glamsquad reports that Zainab Bakare, says she sees no reason to be secretive about getting a butt lift, a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the buttocks.

“I feel nobody will beat me for saying the truth,” she said in an interview with Saturday Beats. Why should I remain hidden? I don’t need to hide because I don’t live my life for others.”

Bakare explained why she got the buttlift;


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“It’s not that I wasn’t comfortable with my body. I simply grew tired of waist training. When it comes to dressing up, I am a perfectionist, and I was exhausted.

When people hug me, that hardness is always there for me (caused by feeling the waist trainer). I became irritated at one point and wondered if I could get the procedure with my money.”

“When there is something disturbing one, and that thing goes away, one feels relieved,” she said after the procedure. That’s precisely how I feel.”

The actress also stated that she has no words for those who criticize butt implants.

“I don’t have anything to say to them,” she explained. Those who want to do it should go to the right hospital where it will be done properly and without complications.

If you have the money and feel like your stomach is too big or you’re not comfortable with your body, go for it. It is not a major issue. Every surgery, no matter how minor, has a 50/50 chance of success, as doctors frequently state.

I’m not sure why people condemn it so harshly that those who do it feel as if they’re committing a sin.”

Bakare expressed her feelings about where she is in her career, saying;

“I am not there yet, but I am thankful to God for how far He has brought me.” “I ask for more strength, grace, and all that is good in life.”

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