‘I’m doing a surgery soon to take off my womb’ – Actress, Etinosa Idemudia reveals

Nigerian celebrities living with irreversible health conditions

Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has revealed her plans to undergo surgery for the removal of her womb.

A few months back, the mother of one sparked a discussion about life and death on the micro-blogging platform X.

According to her, putting an end to reproduction is a way to address the primary cause of death, which is life itself.

She tweeted

“The primary cause of Death is life itself. So to stop Death one must put an end to reproduction. What is never born will never die. Even I myself am not ready for this deep conversation. It’s deeper than i can comprehend”.

Supporting Etinosa, a fan pointed out that this is why some people choose not to have children.

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In reply to a follower’s comment about her previous tweet on “life being the primary cause of death,” Etinosa clarified that she intends to remove her womb to protect her future children from the unavoidable reality of facing death in this world.

She added,

“God bless you. Reason I’m doing a surgery soon to take off my womb. No child of mine is coming to this world to wait for death.”



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