I’m Disappointed With Ubi Franklin – Sandra Iheuwa

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Sandra Iheuwa, who is believed in some quarters to be the baby mama of entrepreneur and music manager Ubi Franklin, has confessed that she will rather settle with the devil than the latter.

The popular music manager who has lately, been in the news for many reasons ranging from his divorce to Lilian Esoro,  to his denial of Sandra Iheuwa’s new born which the woman allegedly claimed to be his in her reply to a fan’s question asking if she would  reconsider Franklin stated.

“@folabimbo nah my dear i can’t pass that fact that a grown man with balls will reject and deny an innocent baby what exactly did the baby do? All because of ego and public image i would rather iron things out with the devil than with baby daddy. I am not angry or bitter i am highly disappointed. I can take care of baby A so baby aint missing anything significant with father not involved baby A don’t need an Instagram daddy”

Another fan by the handle @proficient_betty went on to ask, “Do u think publicly insulting your child’s father is OK? Considering the fact that your child might get shamed tomorrow because of what u yourself said????? Don’t mean any harm I just want to understand it.”

“@proficient publicly insulting??? What do u call a man that publicly rejects and deny a baby that did absolutely no wrong??? Please you people should just dead this matter and stop blaming the woman. My child will never be shamed for a man that publicly denied his own blood the shame and curse is on him not me or my child,” she replied.

Sandra has not been quiet since Ubi denied “their” child. She shares several posts directly addressing the businessman and promising “Baby A” a better future without a father.

Many however believe Ubi has subtly replied Sandra in a post he shared on his page saying that “silence can never be misquoted”

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