I’ll get work visas for your struggling babymamas – Anita Brown tells Davido

Anita Brown, an American OnlyFans celebrity who has claimed to be having a child with famous Nigerian singer Davido, has committed to obtain work visas for the singer’s “struggling babymamas,” glamsquad reports 

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Anita, who has been dragging Davido on social media since she called him out for impregnating her, claims the musician does not pay child support to his babymamas and promises to change that.

On Friday morning, she took to Twitter to say that Davido’s karma was about to catch up with him.

She claims the artist has roughly six babymamas, but he is a liar to his children’s mother.

Anita posted in a series of tweets, “All them baby mothers that ain’t getting support, not me, here i come HOE!”

“I’ll get every pregnant woman a work visa until they get what they deserve!”

“It’s about 6 unpaid babymothers!” And battling! Speaking up like a slacker! All because they can’t truly go to a real judge and get a favourable ruling! SMD! “Here I AM!”

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