‘I will prefer to marry yam than marry her’ OAP drags Faith Morey over her cosmetic surgery (video)

'I will prefer to marry yam than marry her' OAP drags Faith Morey over her cosmetic surgery (video)

An On-air personality attached to Galaxy Television Station has dragged reality star and businesswoman, Faith Morey over her cosmetic surgery.

In a recent interview, Faith Morey disclosed that she had undergone boobs enlargement. She revealed that she invested a significant amount of money in acquiring her new breasts, which is why she frequently showcases them.

Faith also revealed that she was a tomboy while growing up and consequently lacked ample breast size. Her desire for larger breasts led her to undergo surgery to achieve her desired size, which explains why she often wears outfits that accentuate her bust.

Reacting to the video, the media personality, who proudly identifies as a traditional Igbo man, expressed his disinterest in dating someone like Faith Morey.

The OAP emphasized that contemporary Igbo men prefer women with curves, particularly those who are naturally endowed, rather than those who have undergone cosmetic enhancements.

According to him, he dislikes the idea of women undergoing cosmetic surgery and would never endorse it. Consequently, he asserted that he could never consider dating Faith Morey, even if he were the last man on earth. He further emphasized his stance by stating that he would rather marry a yam than marry her.

“For men like me, traditional Igbo men like me, we do appreciate our women with curves, little meat on the body that’s how we say, na my babe be this or na my wife be this? But we also appreciate natural, I don’t like a woman who has gone under the knife. I would never ever support it, so Faith Morey, if I’m the last man in this world, I will never look at your side. I prefer to marry yam than marry you”.

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