I will never forgive Noble Igwe for insulting my wife – Seyi Law

Nigerian comedian Seyi Law has sworn not to forgive his colleague Noble Igwe till he apologises to his wife.

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He claimed he held a grudge against Noble because he referenced his wife in a post during the 2023 election campaign, and someone commented under it, labelling her a “outcast.”

Seyi Law threatened to physically attack Noble anytime they met.

In the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch, the comic stated, “There is someone in the entertainment industry that I will never forgive; Noble Igwe.” I am saying it publicly: I will never forgive him unless he apologises to my wife, because before the elections, he wrote a post and placed my wife’s name in it, and someone under the comment labelled my wife an ‘osu.’ It means an outcast.

“So if Noble Igwe is listening or watching this podcast, our path has not crossed since then. The day our path crosses, I will beat Noble Igwe to the extent that the world would ask what he did wrong.

“That’s where I draw the line. You can offend me, however, you want but the moment you involve my family; my wife and children, you cross the line into hell. And I will leave heaven for that to sit with you in hell. So, Noble Igwe, know that I am sitting and waiting patiently for you in hell.”

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