‘I will gladly wear G-strings to interviews if someone offers me $2million’ – Ghanaian Singer, Feli Nuna breaks silence

Popular Ghanaian singer, Feli Nuna has revealed her readiness to wear G-string underwear to an interview, if offered $2 million.


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Nuna who constantly appears in interviews with a towel – revealed that wearing a towel to interviews formed a major inclusive part of her brand and that if she is paid $2 million to wear only G-string pants to an interview, she will definitely accept the offer.


In her words as captured by glamsquad,


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If there’s money involved, I will do it. If I’m given 2 million dollars, I will do it! I will go and do body goals, it’ll even encourage me to hit the gym. You’ll see my body and marvel, ah it’s so easy. I’ll do it for 2 million dollars and am not kidding.”

“If I can wear it to the beach and swimming pool, why can’t I? I will risk it. I’m ready to risk it all. It is like wearing a bikini and just walking. It’ll even encourage me to eat well and work out.

“The same way it’s a dare, am also daring the people to give me that amount of money, I will do it. If my child asks me in the future, I will be like, that’s why you are driving a posh car sit down and enter the mansion. I will call the chef, chef give my daughter some caviar to eat.” Feli Nuna added.

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