“I started drinking alcohol in 2021 for fun” – Teni

Teniola Apata

Singer, Teniola Apata better known as Teni Makanaki has clarified that she only began smoking and drinking alcohol in 2021, despite having worked in the music industry for several years.

In a recent interview, ‘Zero Conditions Podcast’ Teni declined the host’s offer of a drink and disclosed that she quit drinking in response to the host’s surprised inquiry. She that it wasn’t challenging because she had only started in 2021.

The host, who appeared surprised, asked Teni to share her origin story.

“I began drinking in 2021. I’m a naturally adventurous person. I’ve been in this industry for six years without drinking or smoking. I started drinking for fun, and the first time was in Lagos.

“At home, I thought, ‘You guys are always getting drunk, what does it feel like? Let me just try it.’ So, I drank Henny, but I didn’t get drunk. I was waiting for it to happen, but it didn’t, so I just went to sleep. Everybody was like, ‘Aaah, Teni.’”

Teni went on to say that despite constant pressure to abstain from alcohol, she managed to avoid it while attending the University of Georgia in the United States.

“I didn’t drink while I was in school. Do you know what school I went to? The University of Georgia, it’s a football school, and there’s a lot of pressure to drink, but I didn’t. I only ever do what I want to do. In all the videos and skits where I hold a cup, it’s usually juice or water”.

Glamsquad reported earlier that Teni clarified that her weight loss was not through surgical treatment as speculated. She explained that she went through a “strict diet” to achieve her new body figure.

She said,

“I went through a lot. I went through a lot of changes. I lose weight and some unfortunate fellows said I did surgery.

“If I did surgery my stomach will be flat. I wish but I was scared. Surgery is not easy. It’s life-threatening. It’s not easy to go under the knife. I was on a strict diet. Ask my managers. No carbs. I was on a strict diet for two months.

“But it taught me discipline. The mind is also a muscle. The way your flex your arms, discipline helps you flex your mind. It was not easy. Do you know what it means for me to take people out on dinner and I can’t eat what they are eating?

“I made the decision to lose weight after I had survived life-threatening COVID-19. I had COVID-19 twice; 2020 and 2021. So, in January 2022, after the COVID-19, I just said, ‘Omo, it’s time [to lose weight].”

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