I once tried to copy Beyoncé – Singer, Fireboy

Nigerian singer Fireboy, DML, has confessed that he once tried to replicate American superstar Beyoncé’s performance routine.

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He did, however, admit that he couldn’t keep up with mimicking the multiple Grammy winner.

Fireboy stated that he then resolved to work on himself and pursue artist development to improve his stage performance.

In a recent interview with RollingStone, he said: “Even while I was writing my darkest songs, I imagined myself performing them in front of millions of people. I always visualise myself on stage when I create my songs.

“So taking that energy from the studio to stage is really a piece of cake for me. What matters to me is making sure that I have fun. When I enjoy myself, everyone else enjoyed themselves. Step by step, I learned from the greats, I studied; did artist development stuff like vocal training.

“There was a time I tried to copy Beyonce’s routine. But I didn’t last two days.”