“I may accept to be the Ooni’s wife”- Actress Peju Johnson

Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson has said she might accept to be the wife of Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi if he ever proposes.

Recall that when the Ooni married six women in the span of three months, it garnered national attention.

Peju stated in an interview with Saturday Beats that she might agree to become the monarch’s wife.

She also said it’s a ‘may be’ as she also is from a royal family but not a fan of marrying from royal families.

She said,

“I may accept. But, it’s a ‘may be’. I am actually from a royal family in Ile Ife too. But, I am not a fan of going (marrying) into a royal family. I prefer regular people. Also, I have always said that I don’t want to marry from my town. Men from Ile Ife are a different breed.”

The actress claimed that she frequently received favors from her male admirers.

She said, “I have sweet fans all around that care about me.”

When asked to describe a special acting experience, the actress replied, “While shooting my movie, ‘Suliya’; one of the actors mistakenly hit my eye, and it affected me to the point that I could neither see clearly nor look into the sun. I thank God that I am fine now, and I’m able to see.”

The actress went on to say that she did not see anything wrong with having something on one’s body fixed by a surgeon.

When asked if she would undergo surgery if given the opportunity, she responded, “There is nothing wrong with fixing what one does not like about one’s body if one can afford it. That doesn’t mean one is insecure or one has low self-esteem and zero self-love.”

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