I have had hard times – Media personality, Shade Ladipo shares grass to grace story

Media personality, Shade Ladipo has taken to her Instagram stories to share her grass to grace story.

Ladipo recounted how she went from being a cleaner in Canada to being a property owner. She also shared a glimpse of the hardship she faced after relocating to the foreign land in 2020.

Ladipo revealed that it took her 3 months to get a cleaning job which she did for 6 months before moving on to another job that paid her 60k per year.

On arriving Canada, she had to serve as a cleaner in a gym, and then she moved to working in a “shit” company, before progressing into a property owner.

She further revealed that the 6months job almost made her run mad, hence she has to quit it.

She wrote:

“I arrived Canada March 20, 2020.
It took me 3 months to find a job.
The job I found was working in a gym as a cleaner.
I did that job for 6 months and then gym got shut down cos of Covid and I was on government funds for 3 months.

I got a 60k job in a shit company that almost ran me mad. I left after 3 months and told God to give me double for my trouble.

2 months later I got a job paying me 3 times that amount and I bought my first property in Canada.

Why am I sharing this? People only tell or show you the floss but they never share the hard times.

I have had haaaaaard times.

2020 was one of the hardest years of my entire life but somehow somehow I made it through.


Trust the process!!!! Every good thing will come?”.

“For real. If you can make it in Lagos. You can make it in any fucking where.

Nigeria built me for this!!!”.

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