I didn’t support Tinubu to see this madness – Seyi Law

Comedian Oluwaseyitan Aletile, better known as Seyi Law, has expressed his displeasure with the ongoing ‘Yoruba for Yoruba Jobs’ demonstration in Southwest states, glamsquad reports 


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Tonia Somaga, a graduate from Anambra State and a Labour Party, LP, supporter who drives one of Lagos State’s blue rails, was called out by several citizens who urged the Lagos State administration to fire her following her campaign for Peter Obi, according to report.

In a tweet on Thursday, Seyi Law said the female train driver is an opportunity to teach peace and demonstrate that the All Progressives Congress, APC, is different.

Seyi Law, who shared a photo of a man holding a ‘Yoruba Jobs for Yoruba People’ sign, called the practice “absolutely insane,” claiming that he did not support President-elect Bola Tinubu because of it.

“This is absolute madness,” he wrote. I did not encourage ASIWAJU to go view these things. Are you proposing that non-Yoruba-owned businesses should follow suit, or exclusively Yoruba-owned businesses? In any case, this is incorrect, therefore let’s quit propagating nonsense in the name of rage.

“The train girl provided an opportunity to preach peace and demonstrate our differences.” I’m not dismissing your rage, but we must learn to compromise in order to achieve the global peace we seek. You can honor one tribe while demeaning another. Please, sheathe our swords.

“These attitudes tarnish good ideas.” We must do what is necessary to demonstrate that we are deserving of more. Please understand that I believe we can do better. Things are moving in an unfavorable direction for me. This does not diminish my support for the good that I believe ASIWAJU will bring. Thanks.”

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