“I am sincere and honest about my music”- Johnny Drille

How Are You (My Friend), a song by singer Johnny Drille, has received a lot of positive feedback.

The artist also performed something that many people found astounding shortly after the song’s debut. On social media, he shared his contact information and invited his followers to call and speak with him. He occasionally calls fans as well.

The Mavin Records musician said he does that to show his followers that he cares about them in an interview with Saturday Beats.

He said, “I think fans, sometimes, have to be reminded that celebrities are also everyday people like them, even though we are blessed to be in the spotlight. I don’t see them as ‘fans’ per se; they are more like family to me— a community that loves Johnny Drille.”

The performer added that he believes people enjoy his songs because of his sincerity.

“I think it is because I am sincere and honest about my music. Most of my songs reflect me as a person and the fans can see that. But, I don’t take the fact that the fans show me all this love for granted; they are the MVPs in this case,” he said.

Recounting his most memorable wedding performance, Drille said, “My most memorable wedding experience was a performance I had in Indianapolis, United States of America. My luggage didn’t arrive with me, so I had to scramble to figure out what to wear for the performance. But thankfully, the bags came the next day. It was my first wedding performance in the US, so it was pretty special.”
The singer added that since his family, friends, and love are what matter most to him, he felt the need to explore those themes in his Extended Play album, “Home.”
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