“I already knew he was the one way before he told me”—Linda Ejiofor And Ibrahim Suleiman Talk About Their Marriage And Love Life

Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman/Pulse NG
Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman/Pulse NG

Celebrity couple Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman are an inspiration to a lot of singles and other young couples owing to their great public displays of affection and love towards each other.

The Nollywood couple are equally proof that love knows no boundaries, as they went ahead to tie the knot despite being from different regions of the country, something rare in Nigeria. Ibrahim hails from Kaduna State in Northern Nigeria, while Linda is from Abia State in Eastern Nigeria.

Despite their different ethnic backgrounds, the duo has lived happily together since their marriage in 2018. Their marriage has produced a 2-year-old son, Keon.

Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman tied the knot in 2018/Bella Naija
Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman tied the knot in 2018/Bella Naija


People are eager to know more about their love life and they did not hesitate to give us some insight during a recent interview with Pulse NG.

When quizzed about three of her favourite moments with Suleiman, Linda said they were when he proposed, their wedding day, and when they found out she was pregnant.

“The first would be when he proposed. And this was the one that didn’t have anybody around. He had not given me the ring when he actually told me. Then the second is our wedding day. I always remember that day because it was perfect; exactly how I wanted it to be. Then the third would be when we found out we were pregnant.”

However, Suleiman revealed that the first time he engaged Linda was in private because he needed to be sure.

“We had a private engagement before that one you all saw. So I had gone to shoot something in Bauchi. I was away for three weeks and while I was there, I thought to myself, ‘you cannot just continue like this, you have to lock it down with this babe.”

“So the day I got back to Lagos, she picked me up from the airport. After dropping me off, she was about to leave when I said, ‘Look, I’m doing this. I don’t have time for boyfriend and girlfriend kind of life anymore. I want to marry you. It’s not like I’m in a hurry to get married; I got time, you understand, but I do not want to waste your time and I don’t want to miss out on you,’’ Suleiman continued.

“So I want to make sure so that you know where my mind is,’ and then she gave me a very weird look at the time but when I brought the ring and did the whole proposal thing later, it was only the timing that surprised her, not the intention.”

Commenting on the weird look she gave him when he proposed, Linda had something very funny to say.

“I already knew he was the one way before he told me all this because I saw how he listened to people that weren’t related to him in any way and how respectful he was and all that. I already went to God and said: ‘This is him oh, please make it happen.’ So when Uncle finally proposed, in my mind, I was like, ‘you just dey land. I don reach here siiiince!’”

The Up North actor also disclosed that the second engagement was public after he had privately confirmed that she was willing to spend forever with him.

I proposed privately so she could be honest with her answer. I’m not one to do the whole Hollywood stuff. I always prefer to know what I’m getting into before I get into it. I don’t like to ambush people, and also I didn’t want to be that person left on one knee while friends go: ‘please now, say yes.’ I made sure that I did it in a private way so that she could be honest about her response.”

The duo also talked about their love languages. For Linda, quality time and affirmative words seal the deal.

My love languages are quality time and words of affirmation. He could just be walking past me and he touches me. He does that a lot and I know, okay, he sees me. And for words of affirmation, he tells me out of the blues that I am beautiful, he loves and chooses me.”

For Suleiman, acts of service and quality time are his love languages.

“It’s acts of service for me. Growing up I used to be the one who had to take care of everybody. So having someone who, you know, takes care of me, just makes me feel good. It’s great because we’re constantly looking for how to take care of each other. Then I think the second love language for me is quality time.”

The couple revealed that they do not take Valentine’s Day seriously because every day could be Valentine’s Day for them. However, they have the habit of gifting each other things randomly.

Ibrahim said:

“So I know that this might sound really weird, and our friends tease us about this quite often, but we are not a Valentine’s Day type of couple because every other day kind can be Valentine’s to us. So we give each other things randomly.”

Adding to what her husband said, Linda disclosed:

“More interestingly though, we are always working on Valentine’s Day, so we hardly have time on the day. Even this year 2023, we would be working on the day but we actually had a conversation to try and do something different this year. Guess what happened? After asking each other what we wanted, it turns out that both were almost the same price so we just laughed it off and said: ‘run your own, make I run my own and that was it.’’’

Linda and Suleiman will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary this year, a union that is an inspiration to many.

Credit: Pulse NG


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