Hushpuppi’s friend writes moving open letter to him ahead of his sentencing

Hushpuppi’s friend, Sikiru Adekoya, has written him a moving open letter ahead of his sentencing, glamsquad reports.


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Ramon Abass, better known as Hushpuppi, is in a prison in US after he was arrested in Dubai for money laundering.


He pleaded guilty to money laundering on July 28,  2021, and he is waiting to be sentenced.

The sentence hearing was initially deferred from February 14 to July 11, before it qas shifted to September 21 and now November 7.


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Ahead of his sentencing, his friend Sikiru Okoya took to Instagram to write him a letter.


Sikiru wrote:


Dear Rahman,

I write you from a place of hope and pain, the hope that as your verdict draws close and a pronouncement kick starts, our reunion is made possible, and the pain that comes with every day knowing that you are in there. Rahman, it’s your third birthday behind guard bars, I pray that you continue to find strength, and I pray for peace From within, that powers you into greatness. Happy Birthday, Blood.

Forever Faithful.