Hushpuppi Opens Up Why He is Never With Women

Internet sensational rich boy “boss king” Ray Hushpuppi whose lifestyle has been one of the most viewed profile on social media as he has taken expensive private trips, flown on private jets, chilled in exotic places all across the world. All these he has done without having a cute sexy lady beside him which seems rare to billionaires of his age. Though no one knows his source of wealth but there has been rumors that he sold his kidney in Malaysia….Funny, how much does a kidney cost?! Me i want to sell mine too o….In a recent tweet on social media, he has made it known to us why he’s not always seen with ladies.

One of his followers asked why he’s always alone while on expensive vacations and lavish hangouts. Replying this, Hushpuppi who wrote in pidgin, asked “Woman dey when I dey run away from Immigration officials for Malyasia?”.

When asked what he did to get rich, he had this to say:

“I Did Things My Forefathers Never Did To Become Rich” – HushPuppi



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