How To Turn Your Smartphone Into a Wireless Mouse


Quickly turn your mobile phone into a Bluetooth or Wifi mouse through third-party tools.

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Technology has advanced beyond human comprehension, and as the day passes, more innovative ideas are being born.

Laptops has become one of the most important tools in our workspace, however it can be frustrating if you discover a malfunction in it.

That said, is your laptop’s trackpad damaged? Or, has your mouse stopped working out of a sudden?

Not to worry, whatever be the reason, you can quickly turn your mobile phone into a Bluetooth or Wifi mouse through third-party tools.

In this article, you’d be learning how to use an Android smartphone as a Wi-Fi mouse.

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How do I turn my smartphone into a mouse?

Control at Your Fingertips

Requirements: Android 2.1 or above smartphone, a laptop, and a WiFi environment.

Firstly, go to the Play Store to download the Remote Mouse or WiFi Mouse app on your smartphone (you can download the APK version if you like).

Secondly, install the Remote Mouse server or WiFi Mouse app on your computer.

Lastly, Run the WiFi Mouse client and activate WiFi on your phone, connect your mobile device and computer to the same Wi-Fi.


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Note that your phone and laptop must be connected to the same WiFi network.

On WiFi Mouse, click “Auto Connect”

How to use: just scroll on your phone’s screen to replicate trackpad on a laptop or PC. For a left-click, tap with one finger.

Using two fingers, would lead to a mouse right-click.

However, to scroll the screen, drag with the two fingers.


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