How to Survive Bad Hair Days During this Lockdown…

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Every woman knows that there is no room for a bad hair day, no matter what!
Although salons are now open, most people are still skeptical about getting their hair done, especially in cities where the numbers are very high.
But just because you’re home most of the time, it is no excuse to neglect your beauty needs.

To help you steer you clear of these horrible experience, here’s how you can take care of your crown without your hairdresser.

Keep your hair clean

Never skip a wash day, and if you feel like it’s too cold, dry shampoo should be your friend. Try the Batiste dry shampoo which is suitable for natural hair, wigs, weaves, wefts, dreads, extensions, cornrows, and braids.


Dry hair easily breaks and to avoid such, make sure your hair is well nourished. If you have natural-hair, spray it with water before applying any oil so that all the nutrients can be absorbed.

Wear protective styles

To avoid the damage caused by the harsh winter weather, make sure you wear protective hairstyles such as benny and betty, wigs, or whatever you’re comfortable with. Should you go for benny and betty, make sure it’s not too tight as that may cause damage on your scalp.

Cover up

Wear a satin doek or bonnet before going to bed. It will not only  help it to stay neat but it will keep in all the nutrients.

Pro tip: Always massage your scalp instead of scratching when itchy.
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