How to Stop Your Phone From Tracking You? Switch Off These Trackers Right Now

Some people are concerned about being tracked via their phone. Because corporations accept it as part of their ad marketing plan, this tracking appears to take place as if it were a regular daily activity.

Typically, an app will ask you for your location and other information, which you will provide immediately because you have been instructed to do so. This is a component of a company’s principal business model.

While tracking data is becoming increasingly common, you still have the option to disable it if you so desire. If you are concerned about your privacy, there are easy trackers that you should disable immediately.

How to Stop Your Phone From Tracking You? Switch Off These Trackers Right Now

These simple tips will assist you in preventing your phone from tracking you and gathering information about you. Let’s get this party started.

How to Determine Whether Someone Is Tracking Your Device

According to, there are eight (8) red signals that you should be aware of if an unknown individual is attempting to track your smartphone. First, your phone becomes unusually warm. This may appear to be a bizarre indicator at first, but as you consider it further, accessing multiple apps on the phone may add to the device overheating.

Because your phone could overheat at any time, it would result in a rapid battery depletion. A suspicious hacker might simply deplete your battery by transferring data from your smartphone indefinitely. As a result, it consumes far more electricity than you may expect.

Another symptom to look for is an unexpected reset of your phone. When this occurs, there’s a potential that spyware in your phone leads to its shutdown.

In addition, if your gadget takes a long time to switch off, you should be concerned. If this happens, a hacker might manipulate how long your phone stays on before shutting down.

Furthermore, if your phone is jailbroken, has background noises, and runs slower than usual, a hacker may have already gotten access to your device.

Following our discussion of the indicators of being monitored, let’s move on to the trackers you should disable on your phone.

Turn These Trackers Off

To ensure that you are not being watched by your phone, here are several trackers that you should disable by the time you finish reading this post.

Your Phone’s Location Settings

Last month, Tech Times discovered that even after removing some questionable apps and rejecting permission, Android phones can still track your whereabouts. However, you should be aware of the usual settings that should be turned off immediately.

If you have an Apple device, you can disable location services by doing the following:

  • Select “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Privacy” and then to “Location Services.”
  • Scroll down until you find “System Services” and tap it.
  • Deactivate “Significant Locations.”
  • Clear history.

If you’re using an Android device:

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Please click here “Advanced” or “Location”
  • At the top, uncheck “Use Location.”
  • Continue by deleting the location history.

Ad Tracking Restrictions

According to Komando, another technique to stop phone tracking is to reduce ad tracking on your phone. The quantity of adverts that you can view will drop as a result of this.

You may do this in Android by heading to “Settings” and selecting “Google.” Then, under “Ads,” select “Opt-out of ad personalisation.”

If you have an iPhone, you can start by going to “Settings” and then “General.” “Confidentiality. Then, go to “Apple Advertising” and deactivate “Personalized advertisements.”

Other Trackers to Disable in Order to Avoid Phone Tracking

Your phone’s browser (we recommend switching to a different one) All advertisements on your phone (Make sure to remove all of them)
App permissions for Virtual Assistants