How To Stay Friends With Rich Famous People

Ever wondered why you keep losing friendship with rich people or why your godfathers, sponsors, business associates, partners no longer want you around?! Here are a few tips on what you must have been doing wrong.

1• Never ask for a penny from rich friends, even if you are financially empty. This might sound so unrealistic or absurd to anyone but ironically true, a lot of these rich people are always looking for where to invest their excess wealth in order to keep the multiple streams of income flowing. So asking them for money at that point would definitely make them ignore your calls or keep avoiding you especially when they see that giving you money might make you keep coming back. Instead of asking them for money, try offering them your services and in return you might get paid much more than you initially asked for.

2• Never call without a reason, text instead. Imagine calling Alhaji Aliko Dangote while he is having a board meeting and saying Good morning sir, I wanted to wish you a happy new month. I bet you will agree this is a ridiculous act. You just would have saved yourself some self-value by texting him instead. Famous or rich people love compliments a lot maybe for some of their latest philanthropic work or maybe an article published on the national dailies about them. Why not you pick your phone and text them each time you come across any of these, this will not only boost your friendship with them, and it would make them see you as a worthy friend.

3• Never visit without an invitation. It’s always better to be asked, why don’t you ever visit me or my family than being asked do you have anything productive doing lately that should have taken your time. Generally creative individuals, business moguls, medical professionals, writers, entertainers always want to have a productive or free time to themselves; showing up at that point just to gist about stuffs that doesn’t have a connection with their plans could be seen as a trait to their vision. I rather suggest you visit when they ask you to come over or when you have some tangible reason.

4• Never ask them to invest in a business idea without a well written business proposal. Imagine walking up to Tony Uba, one of Africa’s top Business philanthropist and ask him to give you a business loan of #10,000,000 that you have a dream to start up one of the biggest poultry farms in Africa, all these you hope to achieve without a detailed business proposal nor with a proper market research. I bet no matter how nice he might be to start ups, all he would tell you; is to go and decide if you are ready yet or not. First of all, I suggest you get the business running first and ask for financial support or loan to expand the business. This sounds a lot more viable.

5• Lack of Consistency. No one wants to have a friend who hardly finishes anything he or she ventures into. A lot of people especially the elite business class will see you as a trait to their goals and also maybe a bad example to entrepreneurs. Whatever you do, there are a lot of people watching you and you might think these people are too busy to take note of your flaws but they are not because it plays a huge role in their success. Like they say every successful business man is a good people watcher.



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