How to Screenshot Snapchat on iPhone Without Notifying Uploader, Viral TikTok Video Shares Trick

Taking a screenshot on Snapchat tells the uploader that another user has photographed their Snap. But did you know there’s a way around this?

How to Screenshot Snapchat on iPhone Without Notifying Uploader, Viral TikTok Video Shares Trick

Snapchat screenshot

Most Snapchat users are probably aware of this by now, given the feature has been available on the social media platform for some years.

Some Snapchat users, though, have never worked out how to disable the app’s notification feature.

You can’t blame them because the social networking app has been relentless in removing alternatives to circumvent the feature.

According to Alphr, certain third-party apps claiming to suppress screenshot notifications no longer work because Snapchat identified their tactics.

Meanwhile, Meta’s Instagram has adopted Snapchat’s screenshot notification feature, at least for direct conversations.

TikTok Video Exposes Snapchat Screenshot Trick

According to the Sun UK, a TikTok viral video this time offered an iPhone hack that allows Snapchat users to grab screenshots without being caught or leaving a trace.

The TikTok video’s fascinating caption reads, “How to screenshot on Snapchat.”

Although capturing a screenshot on the video-sharing app is similar to taking a screenshot on any other app on your iPhone, the video demonstrated a hack to avoid telling the person on the other end.

The viral TikTok video, submitted by a user known as @leenissaaa, unveiled the hidden iPhone trick in a 33-second movie.

How to Take a Snapchat Screenshot on an iPhone Without Notifying the Uploader

The TikTok user began the video by viewing a Snapchat snap from her iPhone.

She pushed the “Reply” button and took her own snapshot to prevent the image from disappearing. To keep the message from being sent, she swiped up on her phone to quit Snapchat rather than sending it.

She slid down from her iPhone’s main screen to access the Control Center choices on her Apple device. She then tapped the button on her smartphone that starts screen recording.

She returned to the Snapchat app once the recording had began.

She then returned to the reply photo she had taken but had not yet sent. As a result, she was able to keep the vanishing image that she had gotten.

She canceled her reply photo to return to the sent Snapchat shot, unraveling the vanishing image.

This time, it’s important noticing that her iPhone is videotaping everything. As a result, she was able to capture a screenshot of the Snapchat photo.

The TikToker also informed her viewers that the other end received no warning that she had taken a screenshot of it.

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