How to revoke microphone access for Cortana in Windows 11

Microsoft has created its own virtual assistant, Cortana, which is pre-installed in the Windows operating system. While it has been available for some years, it has not yet reached the level of Google Assistant and is not everyone’s first pick.

Although it does not take up any space in the Windows 11 taskbar, it is still visible. It is intended to function as a hands-free assistant, assisting with simple activities such as setting reminders, opening files and folders, and checking schedules, among others.

If you are not a regular Cortana user and are concerned about Cortana receiving microphone permission, there is a way to utilize Cortana solely through text-based requests. We’ll teach you how to effortlessly remove the microphone permission granted to the Cortana app in the Windows 11 operating system in this step-by-step instruction.

How to revoke mic access for Cortana in Windows 11

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Windows 11 computer. For this, either select the app from the Start Menu or search for it. Alternatively, you can also press Windows+I keys together on your keyboard.

Step 2: When the Settings app opens, click on the “Privacy & Security” option from the left sidebar.


Step 3: Now, from the right section of the window, click on the “Microphone” tile from the list.


Step 4: On the Microphone settings page, click on the “Let apps access your microphone” tile to expand the section.


Step 5: Locate “Cortana” from the list and click on the toggle switch on the right edge of the tile to bring the switch to the OFF position.


You have now successfully removed microphone access from the Cortana program on your Windows 11 PC. If you disable Voice Activation for Cortana on your PC, you can use Cortana without using voice commands.

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