How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages On Android Devices


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world right now.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world right now. Nowadays, you can find that almost every single smartphone user is using WhatsApp.


The Facebook-owned company in 2018 released a feature that allows people to delete their own messages from WhatsApp. Using this feature removes photos, videos, or messages completely from WhatsApp, which means that no one, including you, can see these messages after they are deleted.


Well, if you’re curious about what was the deleted message all about there’s a way to find that out. However, we must mention that WhatsApp doesn’t have an official feature which will show you the messages that have been deleted.


However, there is a way to see deleted messages on WhatsApp and we’ll get to that shortly.

To read the WhatsApp messages that have been deleted, you need to follow these simple steps:


You will first need to download the WhatsRemoved+ application from Google Play store. Before downloading app ensure to connect the phone to a WiFi network first.


After the WhatsRemoved+ app has been installed on the phone open it and accept the terms and conditions. Notably, the app contains advertisements as it is free of cost. For the app to work you will need to provide access to phone’s notifications. If you agree with it, click on YES option.


The app then asks to select the applications you want it to save all notifications from. To read deleted WhatsApp messages just enable WhatsApp option and then on continue.


Once all the permissions have been granted, the app is set for you to display deleted messages from the various apps you selected.


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As a reminder, there are several other apps on the Google Play Store for the purpose. The list includes WhatsDeleted, View Deleted Messages & Photo Recovery, WAMR- Recover deleted messages and status download, Deleted Whats Message (& Media), and a lot more. Hence, you can try out these Android apps and select the one you like the most.


Sadly, there aren’t any iOS apps for you to read WhatsApp messages that have been deleted. Therefore, iPhone users have a slight disadvantage here.

In case you are planning on using this guide to reveal deleted messages, please remember that there’s always a price to pay to access WhatsApp features that are not officially supported.


In this case, the method we’re suggesting will expose all of your notifications including OTPs and bank balance details, to a third-party app, and we can’t guarantee that this data will remain private.


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Please use this method at your own risk, and only if seeing WhatsApp messages others have deleted is absolutely essential to you.