Losing the edges of our hairlines has almost become accepted as the norm for Nigerian women. By the time most us hit age 50, we are all but semi bald. The loss of hair in this manner is known as Alopecia.

The good news is; alopecia is totally preventable. The bad news? When the damage is done, it is very hard and almost impossible to treat. Learn below how to preserve your edges for a youthful look.


– Do not allow hair stylists to pick every little strand of hair on your hairline when installing braids.

1.  Always allow your scalp to rest between hairstyle changes.

2. Use good quality hair products that infuse moisture and combat breakage.

3.  Always wash hair gel off with warm water. Never comb gelled hair.

4. When you can, opt for edge control pomades as opposed to hair gel.

5. Never leave braided hairstyles on for too long.

6. Stay away from glued down hairstyles.

7. Never get your lace frontal wig installed by a quack. if you could splurge on the wig, splurge on a good stylist also or you risk serious damage.


Keep these rules and you will have a glorious mane.


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