How to move your data from a damaged phone to a new one

It is aggravating to risk losing all of your data if your phone is destroyed.

What if I told you there was a way to transfer data from a broken smartphone (android and iPhone) to a new one without having to pay a repairman a fortune?


Yes, it is possible.

Let’s have a look at how to accomplish this.

1. A stitch in time saves your dime

Do you back up your data to your Google or iCloud account on a regular basis?
Then kudos to you for saving time and money.
You can quickly transfer data from your old phone to your new one.

Simply follow the on-screen prompts to set up your new Android or iPhone, login in with your Google or Apple account ID, select restore from cloud backup, and voila!
Your belongings have been returned to you.

There is another option to recover files from a broken phone if you don’t have a backup of your files.


2. Retrieving your data the wire-ful way

This method works in three scenarios, each of which necessitates the use of some hardware.
We’ll have a look at them in the sections below.

a. The touchscreen of the phone is damaged, but it still functions.

This can occur in a variety of circumstances.

For example, if your screen breaks after a tumble but the touchscreen still works.

Even if a small quantity of water gets into the screen, it can still be used—at least partially.

To connect your broken phone to a computer, you’ll need a USB cable.

Before moving your files to your device, make sure your PC can access it.

Following that, you may easily transfer your backed-up data from your old phone to your new one.

5 Ways to Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen

b. The screen is operational, however the touchscreen function is not

Your phone’s screen is completely destroyed in this circumstance.
Your touchscreen is no longer functional, even if you may see hazy images on the screen.

Readers and gentle-beings, we’ll need a variety of tools for our next stunt:

* A USB cable for your computer

* A USB mouse (you should be able to connect your cord to this; if not, use an OTG)

* A USB splitter cable or a USB hub with HDMI are both options.

PS: The HDMI splitter cable is less expensive than an HDMI hub.
They both have the same appearance.


USB splitter cable and USB hub with HDMI

Here’s how you’ll go about it:
*Connect your phone to the USB Hub/Splitter cable.

*The mouse should then be connected to the Hub/Splitter cable.

*If your phone is password-protected, you can type in your password or draw a pattern with the mouse (this will take some practice)

*Once your phone has been unlocked, connect it to the Hub/Splitter cord.

*A typical file transfer dialog will appear; grant permission with your mouse.

*Copy and paste your desired content from your phone’s storage to My Computer or This PC.

This is the easiest portion of the process.
What if your screen is completely black and you are unable to see anything?
That’s a lot of pressure.
There is, however, a method around this.

c. Screen’s blank? Take a blind guess.

Your villagers worked extra hours, and now your phone’s screen is completely blank.
You can hear it ring and ding, but you can’t see it.
Don’t worry, we’ll be able to assist you.
You’ll have to jog your memory for this, though.
Let’s get started.

*Check to see if your phone is turned on.
*You can double-check this by dialing it from a different phone.

*Use a USB cable to connect it to your computer.

To show that it’s connected, your computer should generate a notification sound.

Here’s when it gets tricky.
You’ll have to estimate where on your phone the file transfer prompt generally appears.
You can also simply touch away on your screen, pretending to be Malorie from Bird Box.

What if my phone’s completely dead?

There’s not much you can do if your phone isn’t exhibiting any indications of life other than taking it to a repair shop.
You can try charging it and attaching it to your laptop using your regular wire.
If you’re lucky, your laptop may recognize the device without requiring permission—this is known as an Autoplay option.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to make the journey.
You’ve given it your all!

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