How To Move On From A Bad Break Up

Break up in relationship are something that happens always, its inevitable.

However, the way you move on from it is what makes you matured, here are a few ways to do so;

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1. Closure

Its advicable to get closure after a break up but if your partner doesn’t want it, don’t push it.

No need to delay your healing period because of a closure that’s never coming. Forget about closure and move on.

2. Get yourself back

Instead of trying to get her back when he or she has obviously closed the possibility of that happening in this lifetime, strive instead to get yourself back.

Join a book club, a sports team, your work force in church, your community cleaning team, a young outreach team… anything. Just get back to doing stuff you enjoy.

3. Cry If Need Be

Most people if tell you things like ” be strong, strong people don’t cry” thats a serious lie! Everybody cry when the need arises , if you have to cry then cry! Bottled up emotions is actually not good for your heart.

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