How To Know Someone Suffering From Depression & How To Prevent It

Depression in most cases is not easily identified in a person behavior, sime times the happiest person in this room is the saddiest inside.

What is depression?

Depression is a mental condition that causes you to feel immense sadness and lose interest in life activities.

A person might be all jokes and smiles but deep within they are finding it difficult to express themselves. They might have just experienced a tragedy, and you see them going on with life as if nothing happened. It could be because they are numb and can’t process their emotions.

What leads to depression

In most case it can be tragedy which leads to trauma, like if a girl or a boy is been sexually molested and is afraid to talk about, he or she end up bottling up the emotion which will likely lead to depression and sometimes thought of suicide. Well in some cases it could be financial instability, this in particular lead about 35% of people into depression annually.

How To Prevent Depression

Talk to someone – communication is a very important key to stop depression, check up on someone no matter how busy you are a little ” how are you?” Can save a life.

Lend a helping hand – I know how hard things are economically but trust me nothing us too small to give to someone in need, reach out to people you wouldn’t know how many life you will be saving by just a little help.

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