How To Know If You Are The One

Want to know if you are the one? Sincerely there is no sure way to know but trust me, if you see all this signs just be assure that your man loves you.

1. Communication

If he can’t stay witout talkng to you, as you know Communication is pretty key in a relationship and for the guy that fears losing you, he will be dedicated to constantly keeping in touch and being a part of your life on a day to day basis.

If your ‘boyfriend’ does not do this, and the only time you communicate is when you reach out, Or he only calls for ‘booty call’ there could be a problem.

2. He never gets jealous

Jealousy is something that is inevitable in a relationship but if your ‘Man’ doen’t get jealous trust me you should be worried

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I really do not care how calm and collected the guy is, there definitely will be an exhibition of healthy jealousy when it comes to you.

If a guy does not ever get jealous about you, even when he absolutely has reasons to ask questions and all that, he could be letting you know that you are free to do what you want, because as far as he is concerned, what you have is just temporary anyway.

3. Doesn’t show you off

If he doesn’t show you off to his friends and post you on his social media (not WhatsApp status that he can easily block his side chick) i mean Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Then there is a problem, if he is the type that only comes at night to see you, then there is a problem you are not a cockroach that they see only at night.

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4. Heater

The body heaters that only want you to warm his body but once you start talking about something serious he change the subject or look for excuse to leave the premises, sister run!