How To Hit On A Girl On Social Media

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Some guys have a hard time talking about how to get a girl , while others don’t.

Don’t get ahead of yourself
Yes, you want to get the girl. But can you, at least, be a little subtle about it?!

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Women don’t want to be get barraged by questions and unnecessarily flattering comments especially from someone they don’t even know at all.

A girl is attracted to a guy that will talk to her with calm, its no doubt that the term “A good girl wants a bad boy”  is a thing of the past, as most girls now like “good guys”

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What To Do

Please and please don’t slide into her DM and start the conversation with “Hey Pretty, Hey Beautiful, My Love” , please don’t! She doesn’t know you therefore, all your flattering will only look çreepy.

Crack Her A Joke

Girls like a funny guy, someone they feel connected to at least to a certain level, once she laughs at your joke just know you are making progress!

Compliment Her

After a long run in the conversation,  say you’re gorgeous, or your shoes look fantastic in this picture, or your hair here looks good. Compliments like these work most times. But by all means, never be cheesy with it.

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