How to hide private photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad

Your iPhone has seen every facet of you and is fully aware of your flaws. It can store anything from a photo of your ex to a traumatic memory and even personal images. However, human nature is such that we are constantly afraid that someone, especially a stranger, would see them. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen. If you don’t want to delete them completely, you can hide them using the iPhone or iPad’s secret hidden photographs function.

This is how you can conceal nudity and other private images on your iOS iPhone.

How to hide private photos on an iPhone or iPad

Use the Photos app

The “Hide” function in the Images applications is the simplest way to keep your nude photos and other private photos hidden from the prying eyes of your loved ones. It’s a Photos app that comes standard with your iPhone or iPad.

1.) First and foremost, navigate to your photo gallery and locate the photo you want to conceal. Now, in the upper-right corner, press “Select,” and then tap the photo to select it.

2.) Next, go to your screen’s bottom left corner and tap the “Share” symbol. You’re not going to “share” it with anyone, so don’t worry about it.

3.) Scroll down a little and select the “Hide” option. To confirm, tap Hide photos.

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Once you’ve done that, the selected photographs will be removed from your camera roll. The first step is to navigate to the Albums tab, scroll down to the “Utilities” area, and select the Hidden album. It should be mentioned that you can unhide the photographs by selecting them, clicking the Share icon, and then selecting the Unhide option.

You’re still one step away from concealing the record itself. All you have to do is launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the Pictures area, and turn off the Hidden Album option. All of your sensitive images will be fully concealed from outsiders in this manner.

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Reliable but not 100 per cent foolproof

Keep in mind that if someone learns about this method, they will most likely be able to view your concealed photos. The “Hide Photo” tool isn’t a foolproof way to hide your obscene photos. That being said, the above feature works because not everyone has the time or patience to go deep within the phone for the secret folder where you’ve stashed your filthy secrets.

If you believe that the “Hide Photo” option is insufficient to conceal your private photos, you may always utilize third-party photo locker programs like as Calculator+, Keep Safe, and Folder Lock, among others. Apps such as Google Photos allow you to conceal your hidden photos. Make a point of permanently deleting the images from your iPhone or iPad. Because when you remove a photo or video from the Photos app, it is not totally erased. The photographs have been moved to the ‘Recently Deleted’ album, where they will remain visible for 30 days. To get rid of the hidden photos, go back to the recently deleted album and delete the photos/videos again.

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