How To Get Thicker and Fuller Hair

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What causes thin hair?
The key to getting thicker hair is identifying the cause of your thin hair in the first place.

One of the most common types of hair loss in women is Androgenetic Alopecia, which is characterised by an overall thinning of hair. “It occurs when follicles are genetically predisposed to be sensitive to normal levels of circulating androgens (male hormones),” says Kingsley.

“Treatment for this does take time, and the improvement you can expect to see does depend on the degree of your follicle sensitivity and how severe the density loss is when you start treatment.

This is why seeking help as soon as you notice changes is really important.”

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Stress, hormonal imbalance and/or vitamin deficiency

Another very common cause of hair loss, especially in women, is Telogen Effluvium, which is characterised by excessive or daily hair shedding. This is not genetic and can happen to anyone.

“It does not change the size of your hair follicles, or hair diameter,” says Kingsley. “What TE does cause is a sudden and greater than normal number of hairs to move from the growth to the resting (and then shedding) phase of your hair cycle.

“For instance, if you are losing your hair solely or in part due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, dietary changes and nutritional supplements will form an integral part of your hair loss treatment plan.

If your hair loss is due to hypo or hyperthyroid, this must be addressed with the appropriate medication.” As for stress? Self-care and plenty of sleep are key.

Over-styling and over-colouring your hair

Another culprit behind thin hair is over-styling and over-colouring. Heat-based styling products and bleach-laden colouring agents can strip your hair of all its strengthening fibres, leaving it weak.


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How to make your hair thicker through diet

One of the easiest ways to thicken hair is through diet and supplements. “Vitamin deficiency affects our scalp and the hair condition,” says Ohta. “If you are concerned, you should ask for a blood test to see what is lacking within your body, and speak to your doctor for advice.”

Otherwise, it’s best to look for multivitamins packed with keratin, the amino-acid L-lysine, soya protein, iron and vitamins B12 and D3. All of these help to contribute to your hair’s thickness.

Bedeaux goes on: “However, if you suffer from acne prone skin proceed with caution as it may trigger this. Food sources which are rich in biotin are egg yolks, legumes, liver and nuts and seeds, which shouldn’t trigger breakouts as the amount contained isn’t so concentrated.”

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